I have been visiting Nicky for sports massage for approximately 10 Years and she has been a God send. Over the past 10 years I have competed in numerous triathlon events including 3 Ironman triathlon competitions. To be competitive in these events it has meant training 6 days a week and sometimes in the region of 30 hours training a week. I feel quite strongly that Nicky’s treatments have been a major factor in keeping me injury free and has greatly contributed to my success in being able to compete for so long.
I can’t thank her enough. Thank you Nicky

I was very glad to find Nicky after trying various other therapists in the area. She is a true professional, highly proficient and definitely recommended. I have always enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of her massages, as well as the indulgence of sampling the variety of treatments that she offers.
B. Hird 

I have been seeing Nicky for some 8 years now since I discovered a passion for long distance running. She has now become a regular part of my training regime and I couldn’t do without her ironing out my leg muscles, often with her elbow! In addition to my legs, I like a good neck and shoulder massage to remove the tension in my upper back. In my opinion a regular sports massage is essential to relieve muscle tension and to keep the blood circulating as well as removing toxins and restoring balance to the body.
Nicky is friendly, yet professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her services. And if you fancy treating yourself go for an Indian Head Massage!

I first came to Nicky when I was having a really stressful time at work. My neck, shoulders and back were agony as I was spending hours hunched over a computer. Over the last four months, I’ve seen Nicky regularly and it’s transformed how I feel – the pains have gone and I’m a lot happier as a result.
I really couldn’t recommend Nicky more highly

Nicky has been an immense help to me over the past 6 years. I have a recurring injury which causes me severe pain in my lower back. Her massage sessions alleviate the pain and regular treatment with her has actually reduced the frequency of the occurances. She has an incredibly friendly and caring personality and I felt very much at ease with her right from my first appointment. Thank you Nicky.

Helen Dyas

I have been coming to Nicky’s clinics for over 15 years mainly for sports massage and regular treatments. During that time, she has been of considerable help with my back issues and the various sports injuries obtained during rowing and training. I have always found Nicky to be flexible and accommodating in arranging and altering appointments. I have no hesitation in recommending her services unreservedly.

John Mayne MSc (Oxon), PGCE (Cantab) 

I have been seeing Nicky every 2 weeks for almost 2 years with an ongoing hip and shoulder condition. I have a therapeutic massage specifically directed at these 2 problem areas. Her expertise and thoroughness has enabled me to carry on working and enjoying life whilst avoiding surgery. She is totally professional in all aspects and her compassion and kindness is a rare thing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicky to anyone she is an absolute gem!

Emma Cave

Nicky was recommended by my physiotherapist for a frozen shoulder. She has been helping me for a few weeks and I am feeling great benefit. Recently I asked her to work on an old hip injury. If I had known the improvement I have made I would have gone to see her far earlier! I would recommend Nicky Mansfield. She is very professional and her technique gets right to the problem area.

Kezziah Zukas

I’ve been visiting Nicky once a month for several years and my sessions with her have really helped me. Prior to starting these sessions I suffered back problems on a regular basis, but this is no longer the case. My movement is far better and I haven’t suffered any back pain for years. Thank you Nicky!

Mike S

I was referred to Nicky by my chiropractor 18 months ago to help with tension and soreness I was experiencing in my back and joints. I was initially visiting once a week in which time Nicky was able to restore my flexibility and ease my pain. Once I had reached a stable position I was able to visit Nicky once a month to maintain this. Nicky has helped me so much to regain full range of movement and ease my joint and muscle soreness that was hampering my well being. I would fully recommend Nicky and her excellent knowledge and ability.

Stephen Wright

I have known Nicky for 12 and a half years after having been introduced to her by my husband who has used her massage services for even longer. I had a very stiff back and exceptionally tense shoulder and neck muscles due to my job which requires me to sit at the computer for most of the working day and I found regular monthly massages soon made me feel better and eventually got rid of the problem. I also found Nicky very responsive and extremely skilful to sort out whatever other ailments I acquired either through over doing my exercise classes or in sport. Over the years Nicky not only treated my husband and me, but also our daughter whenever she was particularly tense and we have become good friends. Nicky has a very kind, sympathetic and easygoing manner which makes it easy to discuss my therapeutic needs. I can only recommend her massages wholeheartedly.

Margit Pendl-Dobbie